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We see ourselves as the bridge to a successful production, (managing our crew) delivering our best, and helping our client to achieve their goal.


Nothing is impossible because we will always seek a way to achieve what the client wants.


We dare. With our extensive experiences in managing global and a variety of large-scale projects, we are absolutely confident to deal with any challenges. We have the knowledge to make precise decision on all stages of work, from pre-production, on-set and post-production to make sure every single step goes smoothly and efficiently. 


We commit. Our team is form with a group of professional, vibrant and passionate people, whom are committed to bring tailor-made and all-rounded service to our clients. 


We think big. Partners and projects across the globe are always welcome for collaborations. 


Mad Carrot sets no limit; we will never stop striving for excellence.

Services we can provide including:

Project management 

Estimate, and Contract Negotiation 

Research on Director, Photographer, Creative, Stylist, etc. 

Handling all sort of issues from pre-production, to production and to post-production

Providing creative ideas and solutions to client, agency, photographer and director 

Production Timeline Scheduling , Shooting Arrangement

Co-Production / Line-Production 


Location Scouting / Recce 

Props Sourcing

Product Coordination 

Shooting Permit Application

Crew & Equipment Booking

Set Design & Construction

Comprehensive Insurance

Cash & budget management

Transportation & Travel & Accommodation Arrangements


On Set Supervision 

Post Production, Editing, and Retouching Management

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